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Your first consultation usually takes about 90 minutes. This is because reflexology is a holistic therapy treating the whole person not just the symptom. It is therefore necessary for me to take a full medical and lifestyle history. All information is totally confidential. All subsequent treatments usually last for about one hour.

All treatments include time for you to remove your shoes and socks, settle comfortably into a recliner chair and replace your shoes and socks again after the treatment. If you are not comfortable lying down, or have any other reasons, a hand treatment is always an option.

Once you are settled into a comfortable position I will work over all parts of your feet and ankles. Occasionally, some people experience an emotional reaction and may feel tearful however, most people find that they go into a deep state of relaxation. Whatever your reaction is to the treatment, I will give you plenty of time to adjust.

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At the end of the session I will discuss the treatment and your particular condition with you. I may advise of other complementary therapies that I think may help or even consider more suitable. I will ask you to drink plenty of water for the 24 hours following the treatment.

Treatment is normally given to the feet however, if this is not possible, or if you prefer, treatment can be given to the hands instead.

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